Teen Wolf star Charlie Carver has topped 99 hot gay men to be named Attitude's bachelor of the year 2017.  


    Carver was named 2017's most eligible gay bachelor at a party in Cafe De Paris, one of London's exclusive locations. Carver was in good company among some of the world's finest looking men. We can see certainly see why he won as he is HOT! HOT! HOT!

    Wait until you see the 4 guys he topped here.

    Carver is new to gay public life but seems to have found his place at the top. After being inspired by working with openly gay actors and film makers Carver publicly came about 12 months ago after initially believing that his 'sexuality could stay off the table". Since Carver's emotional Instagram  post last year he believes he finally feels free.

    “For so long I’ve been linked to something, whether it’s been a brother or an institution, a boarding school, or I was in university or a show,” Charlie says.

    “This is the first time in my life where I finally feel like a free agent.”

    Well we are glad that he is feeling good and he certainly looks good.  We are already looking ahead to next year to see whether Carver can stay at number one or which guys will be looking to top him.