Are Straight Values Killing Gay Traditions?

As society matures we are seeing same sex relationships becoming mainstream. We can now  have children and in some countries get married. As we accept the rights of the straight world does this mean that we have to let go of our own relationship norms?

We have heard how the very existence of same sex marriage will destroy the sanctity of relationships. Although currently we are unable to marry in Australia we have seen unequivocal  proof that two men saying “I do” has not ripped apart the fabric or the universe and the sanctity of marriage lives to breath another day. So whilst we fight for these rights what are the cost to our own traditions? Can we marry, have children and still continue to have open relationships?

It is suggested that 40% of all men in relationships have an arrangement to have sex outside of the their relationships. Open relationships have long been the norm for gay men. They provide the opportunity to stretch the boundaries of monogamy,  play out desires that may not part of their relationship or simply enjoy physical contact that has no emotional connection. This number has slowly been declining is this because of our need for our relationships to be seen to be 'real' by the straight world?

This freedom has seen many relationship not just last but flourish. However, this practice is not widely accepted outside of the gay community and even within it some people have a discreet don’t tell policy. So whilst the open relationship has been a staple for many years are traditional values strangling this once accepted practice?

With over half of all relationships not allowing for sex outside the relationship. Will we start to see a break down of same sex relationships. Will gay marriages reach the high divorce rates of our heterosexual counterparts?

We already accept a notion that straight acting is somehow ‘less’ gay do we now need to subscribe to the suggestion that monogamy validates that our relationships are just as real as opposite sex couple?

I don't know the answer to this question but it seems the more we immerse ourselves in straight culture the more our own is lost.

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